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netMercury is a critical parts, materials, equipment, repairs and value-added services supplier with over 30 years of experience supporting global semiconductor manufacturing and other high-technology industries. Offering a highly flexible business model, we are supply chain managers, sourcing agents, distributors and manufacturers' representatives, allowing netMercury to provide a broad range of products and services. Whether your need is in vacuum systems, lubrication, gas or chemical delivery, process control, facilities, metrology, leak detection, wafer handling, cleanroom consumables, safety products (EH&S) or just about any related area, we have the expertise and products to solve your problems and keep you running.

What's New

Airborne Molecular Contaminant (AMC) Detection with the Vocus CI-TOF

The Vocus CI-TOF is an innovative and robust real-time analyzer, and a critical component of any fab pursuing optimal performance. With industry-leading sensitivity and minimal operational overhead, the Vocus CI-TOF provides comprehensive detection for a diversity of AMC categories. Producers will appreciate the utility of the Vocus CI-TOF in both real-time troubleshooting and retrospect evaluation. 

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In-Line Particle Sensor (IPS) with CyberSpectrum

The In-Line Particle Sensor (IPS) with CyberSpectrum software detects particles in gas and vacuum lines 24/7 in semiconductor process equipment. The IPS quickly identifies, monitors and enables troubleshooting of particles down to 0.1μm

In-Line Particle Sensor Details

netMercury representing EMU Technolgies

EMU Technologies (Europe) Ltd is a Wafer Handling Equipment manufacturer based in the UK, focused on supplying cost effective, reliable automated and manually activated wafer handling equipment for 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and 200mm applications to the global semiconductor industry.

Today EMU manufactures a product offering that includes Wafer Sorters, Single Pick and Place machines, Batch Transfer solutions and Batch Notch and Flat Aligners, with a large installed base in fabs across the globe. EMU is always ready to customize our products to specific end user requirements

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netMercury now representing TOFWERK

TOFWERK is making the world a cleaner place through innovative solutions for chemical analysis.  Our scientists and engineers design, manufacture, and optimize high performance mass spectrometers for new applications to support researchers and industrial customers around the world.  TOFWERK’s semiconductor solutions include the Vocus CI-TOF for real-time monitoring of trace gas-phase contaminants throughout the FAB environment and the pgaTOF, a process gas analyzer for semiconductor R&D and production environments in etch, deposition and lithography processes. 


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ALD for Additive Manufacturing of Metals ALD for Additive Manufacturing – Metal 3D Printing is growing at an exponential rate for applications in medical, dental, automotive, aerospace, and defense industries. Bespoke components with intricate designs and unique material properties can be made with ease for a wide variety of applications by printing. The global metal 3D printing market is projected to reach ~$6 billion by 2027 as demand for these applications continue to grow.1 Although metal 3D printing enables many new applications, the technology still suffers from: poor feedstock powder flowability, waste metal powder byproduct oxidized during the printing process, inclusions in the bulk printed material, and hot tearing of the final product. ForgeNano
Don’t Replace It - Repair It

NetMercury has repair solutions available for over 350 components on almost every tool set in your FAB. We offer full warranty repair solutions for TMP, dry and CRYO pumps. Repairs are available on every major OPM brand of Power and RF, along with full refurbishment services for the industry’s leading providers of robotics, and dozens of other high value components, boards and vacuum components. Contact your local netMercury representative and see how we can help you with your repair solutions.

Innovation Repair programs, high-value components, custom kitting services, maintenance programs and automated supply-chain management. Cost Identify cost-saving opportunities, unravel inefficient supply chains and find out what products and programs to use to save money and resources. Worldwide Over 30,000 parts, 1200 suppliers, regional company managed warehouses, as well as dozens of partner stocking locations. Online Store Online access to a limited portion of our parts, equipment, components and other hardware used in various industries.