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netMercury is a critical parts, materials, equipment, repairs and value-added services supplier with over 30 years of experience supporting global semiconductor manufacturing and other high-technology industries. Offering a highly flexible business model, we are supply chain managers, sourcing agents, distributors and manufacturers' representatives, allowing netMercury to provide a broad range of products and services. Whether your need is in vacuum systems, lubrication, gas or chemical delivery, process control, facilities, metrology, leak detection, wafer handling, cleanroom consumables, safety products (EH&S) or just about any related area, we have the expertise and products to solve your problems and keep you running.

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Swiss scientists take ABB analyzers aloft to measure gas emissions

LGR's Fast Methane Analyzer in action: 2014-07-15 - Synonymous with Switzerland, cows produce the country's cheeses,chocolate and the milk Johanna Spyri's "Heidi" drank high in the Alps. Now, airborne ABB analyzers give scientists reliable tools to measure another dairy by-product: methane, a greenhouse gas. Click Here to read the whole article

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"If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it." Lord Kelvin

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PeakForce Tapping: Discovering New Possibilities at the Nanoscale

It's been an exciting time for Bruker Nano Surfaces' AFM business. Our revolutionary PeakForce Tapping® mode is on track to pass 600 citations in published works by mid-2014, which surpasses the acceptance and adoption rate of even TappingMode™, which were developed by Bruker in the early 90s. PeakForce Tapping's ability to easily and simultaneously produce high-resolution images and materials property data with pN force control has opened exciting new& research possibilities, while also providing unparalleled ease of use and extreme productivity.(click here to continue to the full article)

IPG Photonics Announces Configurable Fiber Laser Workstation High Power Meets Micromachining System

IPG Photonics Corporation, the world leader in high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers, has introduced the IX-200-F, an advanced fiber laser micromachining system for general purpose, R&D and batch-scale production applications. The multi-function system can easily be configured with different combinations of fiber lasers and beam delivery systems to address high-precision, cutting, drilling and patterning micromachining applications. It represents the optimum combination of IPG's advanced fiber laser and materials micro-processing workstation technologies. (click here to learn more)

netMercury Teams Up with ClassOne Equipment

ClassOne Equipment announced today that an agreement has been signed with netMercury who will provide representation in the southwestern region of the United States for equipment, parts, and service.   This agreement is effective immediately and products from all ClassOne’s divisions (Wet Processing, Metrology, Plasma Etching and PECVD, and Mask Aligners and Bonders) will be sold and supported by netMercury throughout Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri.  Click Here to view the press release.

netMercury Excess/Low Cost Inventory

netMercury has available a list of items that we have acquired as excess and low cost inventory items.  Please click here to see the list of this excess/low cost inventory.   Included in this list is much of the cross reference information needed to search through the list.   You can use your browsers search functionality (typically cntrl-F) to search the list for any available items you might need.   Please come back and visit the list often as it is updated regularly as items are sold or added to the list.   Please e-mail us at contact.us@netmercury.net or via phone at 1-800-693-8487 with your interests in any of these items.

Don’t Replace It - Repair It

NetMercury has repair solutions available for over 350 components on almost every tool set in your FAB. We offer full warranty repair solutions for TMP, dry and CRYO pumps. Repairs are available on every major OPM brand of Power and RF, along with full refurbishment services for the industry’s leading providers of robotics, and dozens of other high value components, boards and vacuum components. Contact your local netMercury representative and see how we can help you with your repair solutions.

Innovation Repair programs, high-value components, custom kitting services, maintenance programs and automated supply-chain management. Cost Identify cost-saving opportunities, unravel inefficient supply chains and find out what products and programs to use to save money and resources. Worldwide Over 30,000 parts, 1200 suppliers, regional company managed warehouses, as well as dozens of partner stocking locations. Online Store Online access to a limited portion of our parts, equipment, components and other hardware used in various industries.